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When you employ Bob Dooley Electric Inc. for your next electrical project, you can feel confident in the technicians that we send to get the job done. All our workers are trained and experienced in the specifics of fixing your electrical issue and leaving you satisfied with the result.

#1 Choice for Electrical Service and Repair

With over 40 years of experience in the field since 1980, Bob Dooley Electric Inc. is the easy choice for any of your future electrical repairs or installations. Our quality service and affordable prices have produced extraordinary customer satisfaction, and your project will be no different.

Take advantage of our $85/hr rates during the business hours, or our competitive $127.50/hr after-hours and weekend rate, and see why we're one of the best in Tulsa!

Don't let your electrical problem linger and possibly worsen. Bob Dooley Electric Inc. is known for our prompt response times, so that your issue can be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Trained Technicians, Quality Work

Prompt Response Times for your Convenience!

Performing Quality Work for Over 40 Years!


1-Year Warranty on ALL  Services!

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